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Pastores Convite – Clowns, Cowboys and Cross-Dressers

At a typical convite police divert traffic while costumed participants – mainly men and some heavily made up and dressed as women – dance in a tight cluster in the street to the sound of merengue and Mexican banda music booming from the back of a truck and encircled by a mass of onlookers.

After about three songs (from ten to fifteen minutes) the music stops, the truck moves on a bit further, everyone follows on foot then waits while a guy shins up a ladder to hook up the speakers to an electricity pylon along the roadside. Once connected, the music blares out and the dancing resumes. This continues all afternoon until early evening.

In the province of Sacatepequez in Guatemala, the season for convites starts with an impressive show on the 7th of December in Ciudad Vieja, the day before the Día de la Virgen de La Concepción. It then continues through until the end of January or beginning of February, each Saturday in a different town.

Participants pay a small fee to enter and at the end judges award the best costumes with cash prizes for first, second and third places. It is a colorful and noisy family outing where the whole town turns up to watch or take part in the spectacle.

I took the following photos on the 8th of January in the small town of Pastores a few kilometers outside Antigua.





















Miguel, a willing model, borrowed a belly dancing outfit for the day and a friend applied his makeup for him. His partner was Rafa his nephew.








Ciudad Vieja – Convite

Every year on the 7th of December a parade of floats makes its way through the streets of the former capital of Guatemala, Ciudad Vieja just outside Antigua. It’s customary to hold a convite the day before a procession and this one ushers in el Día de la Virgen de La Concepción.

There was a strange and colorful mix of religious and cultural themes including angels, indians, Spaniards, cowboys, devils, men dressed up as women and cartoon characters. It was a truly Guatemalan experience.

No festival in Guatemala is complete without the sound of marimba.


Another band member.


A float waiting for the parade to begin.


A hungry dwarf.




An angel.


Another angel.


Little angels sitting on the float.


And another angel.


The pirates are coming.


And here they are.


A bull.




A cowboy handing out flyers for the next days folk dance schedule.


A Spaniard’s horse.


A Spaniard and his horse.


A cowboy on horseback.




An indian wearing a feathered headdress.




A friendly indian going the right way.


A bunch of cowboys.


The bull in action.


Mary and some angels.


A peasant with his bottle of Guatemalan rum.


Who is this?


Reindeer and a Christmas theme.


Not sure who this is.


Nor him.


A cowboy.


All together handing out flyers.


The musician.


More flyers.


The devil.


Looking good.


And another beauty with her drunken beau and his bottle of Gallo beer.


Colorful dancers.




Lovely couple.




Still dancing.


What a happy face.


Really going for it.


The first of the Abuelitas Parranderas or Partying Grandmothers.


Looking good.


So cool.


Two more beauties.


Lovely dresses.


Looking mean.


Lost someone?


Waiting in line.


They go in two by two.


Gorgeous hat.


The partying begins.


Really going for it. These women were awesome dancers.


Showing the footwork.


That was hard work. So elegant.


And who are these?