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Giant Kite Festival – Life Amidst the Graves

In Guatemala, All Saints Day or El Dia de Todos Los Santos on the first of November, is a festive day to visit, celebrate and honor the dead. People arrive early at cemeteries to clean family tombs then repaint and decorate them with flowers. They picnic by the graves, fly their handmade barriletes and in Santiago Sacatepequez, watch and cheer or join in the raising of the giants.

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Santiago Sacatepequez Cemetery

People climb to the top of family tombs for a view of the cemetery and to fly their barriletes. This is the one day of the year when clambering over, sitting and standing on the graves and tombstones doesn’t offend.

Perched on a grave flying a barrilete.

A huge ball of string to fly a barrilete.

Families sitting on tombs eating ice cream with rows of newly dug graves behind them.

Flying barriletes from the tomb tops.

Trash amidst the trampled graves.

Ice cream seller.

Raising a giant barrilete among the graves.

Heavily armed police patrol the cemetery.

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